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Approximate Repair Times



Various common repairs:

  • Power Supply replacement Time: 20mins to 4 Hours

Got to work on a Monday morning to find your PC isn't powering on? The most common cause of this is a dead PSU (power supply unit). We hold a good selection of common PSUs in stock and will have you back up and running in no time. 

  • Spyware and virus removal Time: 3 to 48 Hours

Are you suffering from pop ups or being re-directed to other websites? These are just a couple of the irritating issues that are caused by infections. Our service ensures that your PC is free from those little nasties and running to the best of it's ability.

  • Laptop Screen Repair Time: 1 to 24 Hours

Cracked, dull or non-working screen? We specialise in laptop screen repair. We carry a good number of common screens in stock.

  • Laptop Socket Repair Time: 2 to 24 Hours

Broken DC power socket ? Over time, laptop sockets can become worn causing intermittent charging, or stopping all together. All major DC sockets held in stock. We also stock all major laptop chargers.

  • Laptop Fan De-Clogging Time: 1 to 6 Hours

Is your laptop over heating or cutting out? This could be due to a build up of dust within the cooling system, restricting airflow and correct operation of your laptop. We will aim to get your laptop stripped down, cleaned out and back to you within the day.

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